Jumbo Bags

With our state-of-the-art technology, we have taken product packaging to a new level! Providing sustainable packaging for food grains, spices, agro products and bulk material you require bags that are cost effective and durable. No matter what you’re looking to pack, our standard and customised packaging solutions not just protect your products, but hold every bit of goodness together.


Our wide range of standard and customised packaging solutions enables us to offer ample choices in colour, sizes, quantity and quality to choose from. Keeping your product safe and retaining its goodness could not be made easier!



FIBC/ Jumbo bags

Carry large and solid materials in our jumbo bags/ bulk bags with large storage capacity.

Types of jumbo bags

Upanel / 4 Panel Bags
The standard four loop bag with carrying capacity of 500 to 2000 Kg.
Circular Type with Cross Corner Loops
Bag has loops stitched on the body of the main fabric, less stitches in the body.
Baffle Bag
FIBCs with baffles sewn inside the body, help the bag maintain the shape after filling also.
Tunnel Lift Bag
With additional facility to lift the bag using Forklift. Has two tunnels specially designed for the purpose.
Single Loop Bag / Two Loop Bags
Use for 500 to 1000 Kg, specifically for agricultural and food products.
Ventilated Big Bag
Breathable bags that help in transportation of perishable products.
UN bags, Sift Proof bags
Special types of bags used for transportation of dangerous material.



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